Art Jamming Collage Painting




All the participants will paint on their own small canvases, then put them together to form a masterpiece. We will arrange for our designer to customize the painting for you so that you can put your logo, products, values, and messages in the painting. After the game, you can take your painting with you and put it in your office for decoration.



2 – 3 hours


Game Details:

Participants will each draw a card randomly to decide which piece of the painting they need to work on. They will move to their corresponding canvas and be given some guidelines for their own part. The participants have to sketch on their respective canvases using pencils and try to match the lines with their neighbors’ before painting. They also need to communicate and collaborate to make sure their colors match their neighbors’. After the game, the management will be invited to explain the meaning of the painting, and other participants will be invited to share their views.


Game Flow / Rundown

  1. Briefing (15 minutes)
  2. Discussion & Team Preparation (15 minutes)
  3. Art Jamming (1 to 2 hours)
  4. Sharing, Debriefing and Photos (15 minutes)



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