Virtual Team Building Packages

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Our virtual team building package include the following four events. The duration of the event is from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the items you chose.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Participants will play the game in teams. Your teams will be provided 10-15 missions to complete in teams. You don't need to interact with each other physically but need to work together on some missions. You will be solving riddles, finding items, taking mini challenges and doing sports together.

Virtual Treasure Hunt – Your team will remotely control our facilitator(s) to complete missions in different area via Zoom / Teams. This is Live! Our facilitator(s) will be walking in public area like park or shopping malls while communicating and following your team's instruction. 

Virtual Escape - Participants will play the game in teams. They will be provided some clues/riddles to solve in teams. Our facilitator will be based in different places for a live broadcasting of escape game. The aim is to control our facilitators to solve the clues and escape the building / place within the given time.

Virtual Boardgame - Participants will play the boardgames in teams. There are several themes to choose from - 1. Save the boss 2. Search for the cures 3. The Mavericks (Murder Mystery Game)

HK Hunter AR Games – By downloading our AR app, you can complete different AR missions physically/virtually and get clues for solving the secret riddles.

Trivia Quiz - By using Zoom/Team together with Kahoot, your team can complete with each other on a trivia quiz. We will design the game and customize the questions by adding your company/organization's mission and other funny facts.



1 – 3 hours


Game Details:

Participants will play the game in teams. Each team will be given a set of clue cards, including mission games, virtual scavenger hunt, AR game and trivia quiz. Depending on the total event duration, there will be 10–20 missions/games in total. In most situations, the team will need to do some tasks. The task varies from finding an object to solving a riddle, making a creative video, or completing a group challenge online.


Game Flow / Rundown:

  1. Briefing (15 minutes)
  2. Discussion & Team Preparation (15 minutes)
  3. Mission Games & Virtual Scavenger Hunt (1-2 hours)
  4. Trivia Quiz (15 minutes)
  5. Sharing and Debriefing (15 minutes)


Briefing / Debriefing

Before the game starts, our event organizers and facilitators will give a briefing. But instead of being told what to do step by step, participants will be given time to discuss, formulate strategies, and plan their own routes. The objective is to stimulate their creative and critical thinking as well as to encourage them to be more proactive in planning and communication. Through competition and collaboration, we intend to facilitate the spirit of teamwork and build trust among team members so that they will be able to achieve common goals.

Debriefing will be provided after the game. Participants will be encouraged to share how they tackled problems and collaborated to work on common goals.



Starting from HK$8,000


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