Egg Hunt


Game Details:

We offer a mixed virtual and physical egg hunt event in an innovative way that participants can complete against each others in groups. 

With the use of Microsoft Teams or Zoom, participants in group can control our facilitators to hide the eggs in a specific location. They will then need to find the eggs in person as well as finding other groups' eggs to win the game.

Venue - Parks and other private venues

Duration: 2 - 4 hours


Game Flow / Rundown:

  1. Briefing (15 minutes)
  2. Virtual Placing of Eggs (1 hour)
  3. Physical Egg Hunt  (1-2 hour)
  4. Sharing and Debriefing (15 minutes)


Briefing / Debriefing

Before the game starts, our event organizers and facilitators will give a briefing. But instead of being told what to do step by step, participants will be given time to discuss, formulate strategies, and plan their own routes. The objective is to stimulate their creative and critical thinking as well as to encourage them to be more proactive in planning and communication. Through competition and collaboration, we intend to facilitate the spirit of teamwork and build trust among team members so that they will be able to achieve common goals.

Debriefing will be provided after the game. Participants will be encouraged to share how they tackled problems and collaborated to work on common goals.


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Event Management

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Photography Services

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