Frequently Asked Questions - Indoor Team Building Games

1. What will be included in the indoor team-building games?

The indoor team-building games include the event management fee, facilitator fee, and game materials


2. What kind of indoor team-building games can we choose?

Our standard package includes the following games:

  1. Marshmallow Challenge
  2. Sneak a Peak
  3. Auction & Building Game
  4. Pop the Bloons
  5. Scrabble Hunt
  6. 100 Different Ways of Walking
  7. Room Escape Boardgame
  8. Perfect Square
  9. Zoom and Rezoom
  10. Helium Stick
  11. The Ball Game
  12. Build the Tower
  13. Blocked Perspective
  14. Murder Mystery
  15. Trivia Quiz


3. Can we choose other indoor team-building games not in the standard package?

You may choose our customized package; please contact us for a quote.


4. Is the venue included in the event?

The venue is not included.


5. Could we organize the event at our office?

Yes, if you have enough space in your office.


6. What is the minimum and maximum number of participants for indoor team-building games?

The number of participants varies from 10 to 100. But there will be a minimum charge for each event.


7. How many facilitators will be at the event?

To keep our prices competitive in the market, we try to minimize the number of facilitators for each event. For our indoor team building events, the number of facilitators in each game depends on the number of participants. Please refer to the table below.


Number of participants

Number of facilitators

< 25


25 - 40


41 - 60


61 - 80


81 - 100



If you have special needs, you can request to add more facilitators at an additional cost. Please contact us for more details.


8. Could we reschedule our event date after confirmation?

Yes, but 14 days’ notice of any changes is required. Half of the rate will be charged for the services scheduled if less than 14 days’ notice is given.


9. Can we cancel or reschedule our event due to a typhoon or rainstorm?

An event cannot be cancelled after confirmation but can be rescheduled when a black rainstorm signal or typhoon signal no. 8 or above is issued on the event date. The new rescheduled date needs to be within six months of the original event date.


10. Will insurance be provided for the event?

No, we do not provide insurance for our events. Participants or their organizations are totally responsible for purchasing their own insurance and agree to exonerate the organizers from any liabilities and claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries, deaths, or damages arising therefrom.