Frequently Asked Questions - Scavenger Hunt


1. What will be included in the standard scavenger hunt package?

    The standard scavenger hunt package includes the event management fee, facilitator fee, and game material costs. It does not include insurance, a venue, meals, drinks, petty cash, or transportation cost.


    2. Which routes can I choose for the standard scavenger hunt package?

      Please let us know the starting point and end point at the major city district. Our event consultant will propose a route for you.


      3. Can we start and end the game at our office?

      Yes, we can start and end the game at your office. Our facilitator will come to your office for the pre-game briefing and do the debriefing after the game.


      4. Can we start and end the game at other venues, such as hotels or restaurants?

      Yes. If you have booked a hotel room for a meeting or conference, we can come to the meeting venue you have booked to do the briefing. You can also choose to end the game at a restaurant, but please make sure that the environment is suitable for debriefing so you will not disturb other customers.


      5. Can we choose the standard scavenger hunt package if our office is located far away from the specific area?

      Yes. You can either start at a public space in the specific area, or you can choose our customized package. Please contact us for a quote.


      6. What is the minimum and maximum number of participants for the outdoor scavenger hunt?

      The number of participants varies from 5 to more than 200. However, for groups with fewer than 10 people, we encourage you to choose the collaboration mode rather than the competition mode.


      7. How many facilitators will be at the event?

      To keep our prices competitive in the market, we try to minimize the number of facilitators for each event. For our standard scavenger hunt package, the number of facilitators in each game depends on the number of participants. Please refer to the table below.


      Number of participants

      Number of facilitators

      < 25


      25 - 40


      41 - 60


      61 - 80


      81 - 100


      101 - 120


      121 - 140


      141 - 160


      161 - 180


      181 – 200



      If you have special needs, you can request to add more facilitators at an additional cost. Please contact us for more details.


      8. Will you designate facilitators to follow each team in the event?

      No, we will not designate any facilitators to follow each team in the event. Instead, our facilitators will be stationed at checkpoints to hold some of the team-building games for the participants. Our unique approach to the scavenger hunt encourages participants to communicate proactively, collaborate effectively, and think creatively, so having facilitators follow each team would hinder their communication and thinking process.


      9. How will you know the teams are communicating if you do not put any facilitators in the teams?

      Our facilitators will observe their discussion at the starting point and pay attention to their communications in the team games. After the game, each team will be asked to share about their strategies and communication.


      10. Could we reschedule our event date after confirmation?

      Yes, but 14 days’ notice of any changes is required. Half of the rate will be charged for the services scheduled if less than 14 days’ notice is given.


      11. Can we cancel or reschedule our event due to a typhoon or rainstorm?

      An event cannot be cancelled after confirmation but can be rescheduled when a black/red rainstorm signal or typhoon signal no. 3 or above is issued on the event date. The new rescheduled date needs to be within six months of the original event date.


      12. Do you have any backup plans in case of rain or bad weather?

      We have designed some special outdoor routes that are suitable for rainy seasons or bad weather. These routes have checkpoints that are well covered and connected by bridges and subways. We also include some indoor checkpoints in our games so the event can still be held on schedule.

      HK Hunter will monitor the weather two to three days before the event and confirm with you the arrangement on the event date. For small rain showers, we will remind participants to bring umbrellas or raincoats. In case of a red or black rainstorm, or if typhoon signal no. 3 or above is hoisted, we will reschedule the event due to the safety concern.


      13. Can we choose two scavenger hunt plans, including one normal plan and one backup plan?

      Yes. But there will be an additional cost for the second backup plan.


      14. Will insurance be provided for the event?

      No, we do not provide insurance for our events. Participants or their organizations are totally responsible for purchasing their own insurance and agree to exonerate the organizers from any liabilities and claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries, deaths, or damages arising therefrom.