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Scavenger hunt is fun for team building but planning for it can be very time consuming. Design using the scavenger hunt app can be a real hassle, especially for those who had no experience in planning for such an event! Why don’t you outsource this task to a company who is specialized in scavenger hunt like us?


How It Works?

Step 1 – Choose your route

Tell us your starting point and end point in your city! You can also name some checkpoints you wish to be included in the scavenger hunt. For others, we will plan for the rest.

First, we will do research on the surrounding environment using Google map and then set a boundary or a planned route for the participants.


Step 2 – Choose your games / missions

Next, you may need to think about the event objectives. For team building, you can consider adding some game elements which can facilitate team collaboration. For fun event, you may add some funny games or missions that are memorable to the participants. Based on your event objectives, we will provide some games/missions which are not location specified.


Step 3 – Design the clue cards with games / missions

Finally, we will put together all checkpoints, games and missions into the electronic clue cards. The clue cards will be shared with you in PowerPoint format so that you can make minor adjustment, add more tasks/missions, or change the layout of the clue cards for your team / company. After all contents confirmed, we will export it to pdf format for the use in your event.


Step 4 – Choose Trainer and Helpers

We will provide the briefing and debriefing slides with game rules, instructions and score sheets. If you have your event trainer(s) or facilitator(s), simply use our briefing and debriefing deck for presentation.

No trainers and facilitators? We also provide emcee trainer(s) and facilitator(s) for presentation and score calculation at an additional cost. 



2 – 4 hours


Game Details:

Participants will play the game in teams. Each team will be given a set of clue cards, and they will need to complete their tasks as a group. Depending on the total event duration, there will be 10–20 checkpoints/missions/games in total. In most situations, the team will need to find the checkpoints and do some tasks. The task varies from finding a place or an object to solving a riddle, making a creative video, or completing a group challenge.


Game Flow / Rundown:

  1. Briefing (15 minutes)
  2. Discussion & Team Preparation (15 minutes)
  3. Scavenger Hunt (1–3 hours)
  4. Sharing and Debriefing (15 minutes)


Add-On Services

Online Emcee Services / Trainer(s)

Online Facilitator(s)



Starting from US$600, based on number of participants and complexity of the project.


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